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    Bob and Peggy Zone

    Meet Our Donors -- Bob and Peggy Zone

    “We fell in love with the Opera when we came here in 1969,” confesses Peggy Zone.  “The location, the open theater, the philosophy of the Opera, with the Apprentice Program and the new works—we just loved it all.”

    When Bob was an Army doctor, Bob, Peggy and their three sons often relocated.  Happily settled in Santa Fe during the 1970’s, Peggy was elected President of the Guild and later served on the Opera Board of Directors.  They spent the 1980’s in Germany and Tennessee, returning to Santa Fe in the mid-1990’s.  Recently it has been Bob’s turn to serve on the Board.

    They fondly remember when Santa Fe Fiesta coincided with the end of the Opera season.  Volunteers wearing the season’s costumes made the Opera float the most colorful in the Fiesta parade.  One year, Bob and Peggy sat on the edge of the float, disguised as two frogs from L’Enfant et les sortilèges.  Friends along the parade route could hear Peggy and Bob calling to them, but couldn’t figure out where they were!  “Richard [Gaddes] came to Santa Fe the same year we did,” Peggy recalls.  “He would help us do all these crazy things.”

    When asked what prompted them to include The Santa Fe Opera in their estate planning, Bob rephrases the question.  “What about the Opera made us decide to do some estate planning?  We were looking for a way to contribute beyond the yearly contribution.  We decided we had an opportunity to plan for our future and to leave something behind after we’re gone.”

    With the help of an estate planner, Bob and Peggy created a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.  Transferring part of their stock portfolio into the trust presented a tax advantage, gave them a stream of income and allowed them to provide for the Opera’s future.

    “Every closing night we anticipate the next opening,” says Bob, with a broad smile.  “We’re always thrilled to meet the apprentice that we sponsor with our annual gift.  The fact that The Santa Fe Opera is right here in our hometown, within 15 minutes of our home—now that’s remarkable.  It’s nice to know we have a part in its future.”

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