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Every gift has a our donors and why they gave.

Roger and Linda Knapp

A Bequest for the Best

Dedicated Opera volunteers Roger and Linda Knapp feel The Santa Fe Opera is their “family”—which led them to make a simple bequest in their wills. They tell us “there is great satisfaction in knowing we are assuring the future of The Santa Fe Opera for generations to come.” 
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Meet Our Donors -- Gene Wampfler 
Less Tax, More Benefit

Gene Wampfler named The Santa Fe Opera as a beneficiary of his IRA so this potentially highly taxed asset would instead pass tax-free directly to the company he loves, ensuring maximum value for his gift. 
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Meet Our Donors - David and Kay Ingalls
Charitable Gifts Now, Family Benefits Later

Establishing a Charitable Lead Trust presented a way for David and Kay Ingalls to make significant annual gifts to their favorite charities and benefit their children in the future. 
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Meet Our Donors -- Bob and Peggy Zone
Guaranteed Income for Life

Charitable remainder annuity trusts that provide a set annual income but ultimately support The Santa Fe Opera are a key part of Bob and Peggy Zone’s investment strategy for retirement. 
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Meet Our Donors - Keith Anderson and Barbara Lenssen
Bypassing Capital Gains

Keith Anderson and Barbara Lenssen converted profitable securities tax-free into a Charitable Remainder Trust which also garnered them an immediate tax deduction. 
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We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support of The Santa Fe Opera!