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    If you goals are to... Consider this strategy... ...and enjoy the benefits
    Help the Opera in the future without affecting your current cash flow Include a simple bequest in your will (cash, specific property, or a residual share of the estate) A gift that costs you and your family nothing today, while providing an estate tax deduction tomorrow
    Enjoy guaranteed income for life from a gift you give to the Opera now Establish a charitable gift annuity at The Santa Fe Opera, with up to two beneficiaries of your choosing Receive payments for your lifetime; enjoy a charitable deduction at time of gift and with each annuity payment
    Secure a tax deduction this year and retirement income for future years Create a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder annuity trust for fixed income, or a unitrust for market-based income Diversify your holdings and receive a charitable deduction plus payments for your lifetime
    Reduce high tax liability now and gain additional income later Establish a deferred gift annuity which helps the Opera now and starts your payments later May offer a larger deduction and high payment than other life-income gifts
    Remove one of the most highly taxed assets in your estate while benefitting the Opera Make the Opera beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan, and leave other assets to family Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets; preserve value of other assets you pass to your heirs
    Increase your income from low-yielding, highly appreciated assets Use real estate or appreciated stock to make your gift to the Opera Simplify your holdings when you are ready; avoid capital gains tax and enjoy an income tax deduction
    Provide support or tuition assistance for your children or grandchildren Establish a charitable lead trust at The Santa Fe Opera Reduce gift and estate taxes, and freeze taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family
    Make a gift from income rather than capital Create a new life insurance policy, or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need Simple to set up; some tax benefits, and small financial commitment for large ultimate gift
    Give real estate but keep the right to use and enjoy it for life Donate real estate to the Opera while establishing a retained life estate  Eliminate capital gains, receive a deduction, and enjoy use of the property during your lifetime
    Enjoy the warm feeling that comes from making a significant gift Any of the above! Our eternal gratitude--and glorious opera under the stars for generations to come

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