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Let your love for Opera become your Legacy

Just as all truly great performances resonate long after the curtain falls—so can your support of The Santa Fe Opera. Extend your goodwill today with a gift that will live on forever.

  • Aria! Ensure out Future with Planned Giving

    ARIA! Planned Giving

    Plan Today for the Performances of Tomorrow: We can help you discover a planned gift that can benefit you and your loved ones, as well as The Santa Fe Opera and other charitable organizations that you value.
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  • Gneral Director Charles MacKay

    Charles MacKay Introduces Aria!

    For nearly forty years, bequests and other planned gifts have had a significant impact on The Santa Fe Opera. Charles MacKay invites you to join him as a member of Aria!

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    "There is great satisfaction in knowing we are assuring the future of
    The Santa Fe Opera for generations to come."
    --Roger and Linda Knapp
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    Roger and Linda Knapp