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Irrevocable Bequests

Leaving a Legacy Through Your Irrevocable Bequest

An irrevocable bequest takes the form of a deferred pledge, which binds the estate of the donor to fulfillment of the pledge. For donors committed in advance to making a gift to the Opera from their estates, the irrevocable pledge provides lifetime advantages, as well as helping the Opera.

Knowing of your deferred pledge gives us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate your generosity in the here and now. Your leadership in making such a gesture can also have a powerful influence on friends and other Opera patrons, spurring them on to similar gifts.

A deferred pledge can be made by signing a simple agreement binding the donor's estate to pay a fixed sum to the Opera if the donor has not paid the gift during his or her lifetime. Most donors making an irrevocable pledge should amend their estate plans to take the pledge into account, though this may not be necessary for donors who have already made gifts to the Opera in specific amounts in their wills or living trusts.

As with any planned gift, we encourage you to discuss the pledge in advance with your estate planning and financial advisors.

Please call Robert Meya, Director of External Affairs, at (505)986-5912 or Contact Us by email to discuss your bequest.   

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