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Roxanne Decyk Apprentice Sponsor 2012Roxanne Decyk and Lew Watts

It was “a natural” when Roxanne Decyk and her husband Lew Watts decided to sponsor a technical apprentice.  “My sister, Christine Decyk, has had a wonderful career in theatre tech, she does mostly lighting now, but early on she trained in all facets of the technical side of theatre.  Through her eyes, I have developed a profound respect for the professionals who work behind the scenes to make opera and theatre possible; and I know they benefited from early-career opportunities—like The Santa Fe Opera’s apprentices programs.”               
Roxanne remembers their first visit:  it was a stormy evening, the rain was horizontal and the lightening was visible through the back of the theatre.  “The performance continued flawlessly, and we were entranced by the entire experience.  We were astonished at the contrast between opera-going here and in London, where we were living at the time.  That night in Santa Fe is one we will always remember.”                          
Roxanne honors her sister through this sponsorship of an apprentice technician.  This generosity also looks beyond the personal, as Roxanne explains:
 “The memorable performances of the future will depend on a healthy stream of brilliant singers and talented technicians entering the profession and progressing through their careers.  This is our small way of helping make sure we will have decades of great opera ahead of us!
Since we started supporting technical apprentices, we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting them every summer. They have been, without exception, talented and enthusiastic young people. I know that they will come to appreciate how valuable their apprenticeships have been, both in pure experience terms and as impressive additions to their professional resumes.”
The generosity of all of our Apprentice Sponsors allows the Company to offer this special opportunity to the most gifted young artists both onstage and behind the scenes.

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