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    Position Detail

    Ranch Night Porter

    Type: Seasonal
    Department: Maintenance


    On performance evenings, prepare and maintain the Cantina and surrounding areas to receive the patrons and guests of the Opera.


    • Check all restrooms to make sure they are clean and stocked with supplies.  Maintain bathrooms during the evening’s events.
    • Remove trash as needed from Cantina, bathrooms, and other designated areas.
    • Must be willing to deal with inclement weather, and is responsible for using squeegee in the cantina during rainstorms, to keep water from accumulating on the patio.
    • May be called upon to provide similar services for other events occurring on the Opera grounds, including McCune Terrace or rehearsal halls.
    • May be called upon to assist patrons with various issues, such as wheel chairs, oxygen tanks, or other as-needed situations.
    • Maintain all manager and emergency contact information in radio or cell phone, and call for assistance/instruction when necessary
    • Requires general familiarity with basic cleaning and maintenance procedures, products, and equipment.

    Must be able to speak English, in order to assist the majority of patrons.

    Requires excellent attendance and punctuality.

    Ability to react quickly to a problem (i.e., when a toilet needs to be plunged)

    Ability to stay calm when requests are made.

    Must wear designated uniform.

    How to Apply

    Please send application to ekellogg@santafeopera.org, or mail to P.O. Box 2408, Santa Fe, NM  87504.  No phone calls, please.


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