"Santa Fe's objectives are distinctly American, and by making opera more compelling and more relevant, it has changed the map of musical America..."

                     Phillip Huscher
                     The Santa Fe Opera
 An American Pioneer

Working at the Opera

Technical ApprenticeWhat's it like to work at the Opera? Several current employees share their thoughts:

"The Opera is an amazing place to work! You have the opportunity to see the development of each production from behind the scenes and witness the work involved in producing such extravagant performances. Strict attention is paid to every detail and everyone works as a team to meet high standards as the job pushes you to do your best and not settle for mediocrity."

"Arriving to work, looking out across the Tesuque valley surrounded by the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo Mountains is a sight to behold...this is an amazing work setting."

"There's no more magical place to work—the physical beauty nurtures your creativity. Bunnies on the lawn, incredible sunsets at day's end—and I swear the birds sing more sweetly here. In summer you hear glorious melodies everywhere you turn, and laughter, and the sounds of children playing in the pool. Everyone is hardworking and professional, yet the level of camaraderie and shared commitment makes it feel more like a family than a workplace."

"Even if I win the lottery, I'll keep my job. Well... maybe not, but since I still need to work, the Opera offers the next best thing to that big win."

"Passion for the work product is the common denominator among staff—this is what keeps everyone moving in the same direction. Extreme challenges and demands are part of the job, but once you see and hear the final result, it's all worth it!"

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