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    Tea: A Mirror of Soul

    Santa Fe Opera


    The elemental powers of earth, air, water, and fire brew tragedy for two young lovers as they search for the Book of Tea. Savor Tan Dun’s fairy tale infused with Eastern wisdom, in its American premiere.



    The Emperor
    Princess Lan, the Emperor’s daughter
    The Prince, Lan’s brother
    Seikyo, now a monk, formerly a prince in love with Lan
    The Recitalist
    Lu, daughter of a tea-sage

    The Story of the Opera

    ACT I
    Kyoto, Japan in ancient times: Japanese tea ceremony inside a temple tea garden. High monk Seikyo raises an empty teapot, passes an empty bowl, and savors empty tea ritualistically. Chanting monks ask why he savors the tea from emptiness. Seikyo, a Prince by birth, relates that ten years ago he became a monk because of his bitter love...

    Ten years earlier, in ChangAn, an ancient Chinese capital: Family bliss inside the palace. Beautiful Princess Lan and her brother the Prince perform for their father. Seikyo enters and the Emperor receives him with surprise. They speak of fond memories. Seikyo expresses his wish to marry Lan. The Emperor hesitates, and asks Seikyo to recite a tea poem. The Prince angrily expresses his disapproval. Seikyo's excellence at reciting leads the Emperor to consent.

    Amidst a Chinese tea ceremony, The Recitalist announces that a Persian prince has arrived, offering a thousand horses in exchange for one book: The Book of Tea. Treasured secrets fill this volume. The Prince, who possesses the book, reluctantly retrieves it from his sleeve. Seikyo expresses doubt that it is the true book shown him by its author, the tea sage Luyu. Angry and jealous, the Prince challenges Seikyo, vowing to sacrifice his own life if Seikyo can show him the "real" Book of Tea. Seikyo promises to end his life if proven wrong.


    ACT II
    Seikyo and Lan travel south in search of the true Book of Tea. Lan acquaints Seikyo with the legend of how tea was invented thousands of years ago. Their love blossoms on the journey.

    In the South, Seikyo and Lan arrive during a ritual tea ceremony, offered by Lu, daughter of Tea Sage Luyu. Lu announces Luyu's death. She consents to give Seikyo and Lan the Book of Tea on the condition that they vow to spread its wisdom throughout the world. As they read, the Prince bursts in and grabs it. A fight erupts between Seikyo and the Prince. Attempting to stop the duel, Lan is mortally wounded. Covered in blood, Lan drinks the tea of emptiness. The Prince kneels before Seikyo, presenting his sword. Instead of killing the Prince, Seikyo slices off his own hair... The chanting of monks returns... In a Japanese tea garden, high monk Seikyo raises the empty teapot, passes the empty tea bowls, and savors the empty tea.


    • First Shadow - Nancy Maultsby
    • Seikyo - Heijing Fu
    • Lan - Kelly Kaduce
    • Prince - Roger Honeywell
    • Emperor - Christian Van Horn
    • Tea Ritualist - Nancy Maultsby
    • Second Shadow - Christian Van Horn
    • Lu - Nancy Maultsby
    • Conductor - Lawrence Renes
    • Director - Amon Miyamoto
    • Scenic Designer - Rumi Matsui
    • Costume Designer - Masatomo Ota
    • Lighting Designer - Rick Fisher
    • Chorus Master - Gregory Buchalter