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    The Elixir of Love



    Nemorino pines for the haughty Adina, but she has eyes only for Sgt. Belcore…until Dr. Dulcamara’s love potion works its wizardry! Apprentice alumni Dimitri Pittas, Patrick Carfizzi and Jennifer Black return as Nemorino, Adina and Belcore. Thomas Hammons makes his company debut as Dulcamara. Corrado Rovaris returns to conduct this intoxicating score which includes “Una furtiva lagrima,” one of the most hauntingly beautiful of all tenor arias.


    Composed by Gaetano Donizetti
    Performed in Italian

    Act I

    Nemorino is in love with Adina, but she is indifferent to him. Adina reads the story of Tristan and Isolde to her workers, which convinces Nemorino that a magic potion will gain Adina's love for him. Sergeant Belcore appears and immediately proposes marriage to Adina. Dulcamara then arrives, selling his bottled cure-alls to the villagers. Nemorino spends all his money on a love potion, which is simply red wine. Dulcamara tells Nemorino the potion will not take effect until the next day. Nemorino drinks it and feels its effects immediately. Encouraged by the “elixir,” Nemorino meets Adina, and his confidence causes him to act uncaringly toward her. Out of spite, Adina accepts Belcore’s marriage proposal. When orders arrive for Belcore to report for duty at once, he and Adina decide to get married that very evening.

    Act II

    Troubled that Nemorino did not attend the party preceding her marriage, Adina puts off signing the marriage contract. Nemorino asks Dulcamara for his help and he prescribes a double amount of the potion. In order to obtain the money to pay for the elixir, Nemorino joins Belcore's regiment and receives an enlistment bonus. By now Nemorino is quite tipsy and the village’s young women, having learned that Nemorino has just inherited a fortune, crowd around him. Unaware of his new wealth, Nemorino thinks that Dulcamara’s potion is finally working. Adina sees Nemorino with the admiring women and becomes jealous. She resolves to win him for herself. Nemorino sings of his sadness at leaving the village and Adina for the army. Adina announces that she has bought back his enlistment papers, so that they can be married. All join in praising Dulcamara and his magical elixir of love.


    • Adina - Jennifer Black
    • Nemorino - Dimitri Pittas
    • Belcore - Patrick Carfizzi
    • Dulcamara - Thomas Hammons
    • Conductor - Corrado Rovaris
    • Director - Stephen Lawless
    • Scenic Designer - Ashley Martin-Davis
    • Costume Designer - Ashley Martin-Davis
    • Lighting Designer - Pat Collins


    Jennifer Black (Adina)

    Jennifer Black
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    Dimitri Pittas (Nemorino)

    Dimitri Pittas
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    Patrick Carfizzi (Belcore)

    Patrick Carfizzi
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    Thomas Hammons (Dr. Dulcamara)

    Thomas Hammons
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    Corrado Rovaris (Conductor)

    Corrado Rovaris
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    Stephen Lawless (Director)

    Stephen Lawless
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    Ashley Martin-Davis (Scenic & Costume Designer)

    Ashley Martin-Davis
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    Video and Audio

    Production Overview with Charles MacKay (2:54 duration)

    The General Director of The Santa Fe Opera, provides insight on this season's The Elixir of Love. 

    Act I - Belcore's entrance (0:18 duration)

    The villagers enthusiastically greet the arrival of Sergeant Belcore.

    Act I - Nemorino's purchase (0:29 duration)

    Act I – Nemorino buys a bottle of wine from Dr. Dulcamara who assures him that it is an elixir of love enabling him to win Adina’s heart.

    Act II - Nemorino's epiphany (1:26 duration)

    When Nemorino sees Adina shed a tear, he knows she has fallen for him at last.

    Act II - Love at last (0:32 duration)

    Adina and Nemorino are wed and all join in praising Dr. Dulcamara and his magic elixir.

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