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    Alban Berg’s masterpiece combines music of enormous power and lyricism with a profoundly dramatic story. Conductor David Robertson leads Richard Paul Fink and Nicola Beller Carbone in the first revival of this Santa Fe staging, which received international acclaim in its 2001 premiere.

    July 30; August 3, 12, 17


    Composed by Alban Berg

    Sung in German

    ACT I
    Wozzeck, a lowly soldier, astounds his Captain with a Biblical defense of his common-law marriage to Marie and their illegitimate young son. Mentally unstable, Wozzeck hallucinates about the menace of a setting sun. To help support his family, he allows himself to be the guinea pig in a doctor’s unorthodox experiments. Marie meanwhile has been flirting with a dashing Drum Major whom she invites to seduce her.

    ACT II
    Wozzeck gives Marie his wages, which makes her feel guilty about having accepted earrings from the Drum Major. The Captain and the Doctor taunt Wozzeck about Marie’s infidelity. When Wozzeck starts to strike Marie, she says she would rather have a knife in her breast than his hand upon her. Later he is further enraged when he spies upon Marie and the Drum Major passionately embracing in a lurid waltz. In the barracks, Wozzeck prays for deliverance from temptation. The Drum Major comes in boasting of his conquest of Marie. Wozzeck tries to attack him but is soundly beaten.

    Marie reads to her child from the Bible and prays for mercy. At dusk Wozzeck leads Marie along a forest path near a pond. The sight of the moon rising blood-red goads him into stabbing Marie. Later Wozzeck searches the pond for the bloody knife and he drowns. In front of Marie’s house, her son rides a hobbyhorse. Other children run in with news that his mother is dead.


    • Marie - Nicola Beller Carbone
    • Margret - Patricia Risley
    • Wozzeck - Richard Paul Fink
    • The Doctor - Eric Owens
    • The Captain - Robert Brubaker
    • The Drum Major - Stuart Skelton
    • Andres - Jason Slayden
    • The Fool - Randall Bills
    • A Soldier - Joe Shadday
    • Conductor - David Robertson
    • Director - Daniel Slater
    • Scenic Designer - Robert Innes Hopkins
    • Costume Designer - Robert Innes Hopkins
    • Lighting Designer - Rick Fisher
    • Choreographer - John Carrafa


    Nicola Beller Carbone (Marie)


    Patricia Risley (Margret)


    Richard Paul Fink (Wozzeck)


    Eric Owens (The Doctor)


    Robert Brubaker (The Captain)


    Stuart Skelton (The Drum Major)


    Jason Slayden (Andres)


    David Robertson (Conductor)


    Daniel Slater (Director)


    Robert Innes Hopkins (Scenic Designer)


    Robert Innes Hopkins (Costume Designer)


    Rick Fisher (Lighting Designer)


    John Carrafa (Choreographer)


    Video and Audio

    Video and Audio

    Duration 4:08

    Interview with Wozzeck Director Daniel Slater and General Director Charles MacKay. Part 1

    Duration 5:48

    Interview with Wozzeck Director Daniel Slater and General Director Charles MacKay. Part 2

    Gathering firewood (Duration :47)

    Andres and Wozzeck are gathering firewood in an open field.  Wozzeck, thinking the place is haunted,  fears that the whole world is on fire as the setting sun colors the horizon red.

    Marie and Margret (Duration :28)

    Marie and her neighbor Margret watch a military band pass and Marie first takes notice of the Drum Major.

    Marie singing (Duration :44)

    Marie sings a lullaby to her child.

    Wozzeck with dancers (Duration :38)

    In a tavern, Wozzeck wanders amongst the dancers and takes Margret for a partner.