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Image of simulcast in SFO parking lot

SIMULCAST - The Lord of Cries

July 17-August 17, 2021

Join us for a “DRIVE-IN” Simulcast Opera Experience!

For the 2021 Season, each evening’s performance of The Lord of Cries will be simulcast onto two state-of-the-art LED video walls in our lower parking lots. There you will find sweeping views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the opera playing on your own car radio!

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Entrance: Exit 168 of US 84/285. Enter on Opera Drive – turn right before you get to the main theater parking lot on the south side of the theater. There will be parking lot attendants to direct you in to the lot.

Before you purchase tickets, please review our FAQs.

Music by
John Corgliano
Libretto by
Mark Adamo
Sung in
On Screen Translations
Directed for the Screen by
Bruce Bryant
Assistant Video Director
Beth Krynicki
Audio Engineer
Michael Schweppe
Simulcast Production Company
Staging Solutions
Screens Provided by
db Production Services
Production Support Generously Provided by
The Wyncote Foundation as recommended by Frederick R. Haas & Rafael Gomez
David A. Kaplan & Glenn A. Ostergaard, Brautigam-Kaplan Foundation
Robert L. Turner
Two Anonymous Donors
Additional Artistic Support Provided by
Drs. Susan & Dennis Carlyle
Agnes Hsu-Tang & Oscar Tang
– Tang Fund in honor of Anthony Roth Costanzo
Susan & Elihu Rose
The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts
The Performances of Anthony Roth Costanzo are Supported by
Gene & Jean Stark
The performances of David Portillo are supported by
The MacKay Fund for Debut Artists
Simulcast Sponsors
Brooke Suzanne Gray
James V. & Dana Pope Manning
Gene & Jean Stark
Commissioned by
The Santa Fe Opera


  • Act I

    Prologue: Taking the Mask. Dionysus wrought bloody vengeance on ancient Thebes. If he must now come again, to forgetful Londoners, in 1897, what mask should he don?

    Chorus: London in Chaos. A scourge is upon the city: girls are drawn spellbound out of sleep to meet three weird Sisters, returning home with wounded throats. Doctor John Seward, leader of Carfax Asylum, has imposed martial law; and all women found outside at night have been arrested–including the Sisters, who offered no resistance, only the refrain, “The Lord of Cries! Deny him not his place…”

    Jonathan in Madness. Jonathan Harker, sent by Seward to meet a “petty boyar” claiming a deed to Carfax Abbey, has returned with a shattered mind. His wife Lucy Westenra is horrified to find him raving about a “Lord of Cries.” Doctor van Helsing gives her Jonathan’s travel diary. Seward promises to end this madness (which includes his own secret passion for Lucy), appealing to his father’s portrait for the fortitude to “repress! restrain!”

    Montage: Dreams, diary, dispatch. | In a nightmare, an exotic prince dared Lucy to “Ask for what you want….” as did the three Sisters whom Jonathan met at the Count’s castle. | The Greek ship Semele blows aground after a monstrous storm–with only the captain’s corpse aboard.| Jonathan has a vision of the Lord of Cries.

    The Stranger in Chains. The Count, like the Sisters, has been arrested unresisting. He assures Seward that Dionysus alone holds the right to the Abbey, warning: “He has asked you twice.” Lucy enters, and van Helsing exits, urging Seward to “Give him what he wants.” Alone together, Seward and Lucy read Jonathan’s diary in which the Sisters bid him “ask it in…” Jonathan’s words become Seward’s own, and the childhood friends can scarcely suppress their mutual desire. The walls tremble, and Dionysus appears in his true form at last. Madwomen break loose and tear the Asylum down.

  • Act II

    Dialogue in the Ruins. Carfax is shattered, and those who would rescue the inmates lose themselves in a mapless maze. The Sisters praise the beauty of the ruins and, when Seward enters his office, ask a third time whether he will acknowledge the Stranger’s power. They seduce, he resists — and finally asks for what he wants, which is to stop the Stranger. They tell him he must behead the god in his animal form, becoming, briefly, a beast himself.

    Lucy and the Wolf-prince. In her chambers Lucy tends to Jonathan. Hearing wolf-cries, she looks out the window to find her dream-prince. He asks her, for the third time, to ask him in. She considers, but demurs. She notices he casts no reflection in the glass. He doubts her happiness and challenges her morality. He provokes her to face herself; inflamed, she invites him inside.

    Vengeance of the Lord of Cries. Van Helsing recounts Seward’s wild night ride, and Seward carries in what he believes is the Count’s severed head. Van Helsing gradually talks him out of his trance and he realizes what he has done. Dionysus offers to show everyone his reflection, and the ruins become glittering mirrors. The chorus mourns Seward’s fate and warns the spectators of the wrath of the god.


Your Health and Safety is our first concern! Audience Participation Required!


  • Tickets will be issued via Email.  We recommend taking a screenshot of your tickets as WiFi may be unreliable in the parking lots.
  • Please check your spam folders if you do not receive your tickets at least a week prior to the event. You should see a confirmation immediately after your purchase.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. Exchanges, however, are possible.
  • Simulcasts will proceed rain or shine. However, under adverse weather conditions such as (but not limited to): lightning, high wind, or torrential rain or hail, we may cancel the event, if necessary. ONLY IF A SIMULCAST IS CANCELLED will refunds be issued to the original ticket holder.
  • We encourage anyone who is feeling unwell not to attend a performance. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please call the Box Office prior to your performance to discuss your ticket options. We will work with patrons on a case-by-case basis.


  • Tickets are general admission within price zones.
  • Oversized vehicles will be parked as to no obstruct viewers from behind, to the best of our ability.
  • NO RVs or trailers will be allowed, utility or otherwise.
  • Smaller cars will be parked either closer to the screen or in a more central area within their price zone.
  • Parking attendants may need to move your location prior to the performance to allow for better viewing for all cars.
  • You may open the hatch of your car or SUV, however it cannot obstruct the view of other patrons.
  • Please remain with your vehicle at all times unless visiting the restrooms.


  • The Santa Fe Opera asks patrons to wear a face mask at all times with the exception of while actively eating or drinking.
  • Your face mask should:
    • Have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric
    • Completely cover your nose and mouth
    • Fit snugly against the sides of your face without gaps
    • Have a nose wire to prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask
    • Single layer masks, gaiters or masks with visible exhalation valves or vents are not acceptable.


  • Food may be consumed inside your vehicle or immediately adjacent to your vehicle.
  • Alcohol is not allowed.


  • Restrooms will be available in the parking lot, including an ADA accessible, gender neutral facility. Please accompany any minors or dependents.
  • Patrons must sanitize their hands both before and after using the restroom facilities.


  • Tune in to 88.7 FM on your car or portable radio to listen to the simulcast.