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Young girl in butterfly costume looking in mirror

Opera Makes Sense


Created for children ages 3 to 5 to explore the world of opera through music and storytelling. Performance of opera music and book reading presented by The Young Voices of the Santa Fe Opera.

Until we meet again in person, click the links below to watch Stories that Sing! on our YouTube Channel.

Episode 1

Tree illustration by Maya Rogers
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Episode 2

Rainbow above theater illustration by Rose Carilli
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Episode 3

Illustration of caterpillar
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Episode 4

Tree illustration by Leedy Corbin
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Episode 5

Pink Sky illustration by Jacqueline Bell
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Opera Makes Sense – Stories That Sing!┬áis provided by the Santa Fe Opera in partnership with the Santa Fe Public Library.

Cosmos and other plants on campus

For more information, please contact:

Alvaro Quintanar
Audience Engagement Manager