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Help! Help! The Globolinks 1970

July 4 - 29, 1970

A broken-down bus…

…loaded with children, is invaded by unearthly Globolinks. They discover the only way to defeat them is through music.

(presented on a double-bill with Le Rossignol)

Music and Libretto By
Gian Carlo Menotti


An opera for children and those who like children

A radio broadcast announces that Earth has been invaded by dangerous creatures called Globolinks. Any human touched by a Globolink is said to immediately lose his powers of speech, and to turn into a Globolink within twenty-four hours. No weapon is effective against the invaders who are observed, however, to be allergic to music.

The Globolinks attack a group of children returning to school from vacation, and their only defense is the sound of the bus’s klaxon. Emily, armed only with her violin, sets off into the forest, like a small Orpheus, in search of help.

Dr. Stone waits in his office for the long overdue arrival of the children. The music teacher, Madame Euterpova, bursts in to complain that none of the children have taken their instruments home to practice. In the face of such total disregard for music, she feels she is no longer able to teach. Dr. Stone loses his patience and in a rage drives her from his office. He lies down to rest and pays no attention to a radio announcement of a Globolink invasion. Several Globolinks appear and one touches Dr. Stone. He awakens and is terrified at what he sees. Dr. Stone summons the teachers to explain what has happened, but finds he can only utter strange noises. Madame Euterpova, comprehending the situation, quickly organizes a musical army to march off in search of their charges. After a tearful reunion, Dr. Stone goes in search of Emily, who is now alone in the forest.

Emily, lost in a strange land, continues to play her violin as she wanders in search of help. She is at the point of exhaustion, however, and falls asleep. A Globolink approaches and breaks her violin. Emily, now defenseless, is found just in time by Dr. Stone. She collapses in despair, however, when she realizes that he must have been touched by a Globolink and, indeed, is slowly turning into one.

Madame Euterpova and the children arrive and drive away the Globolinks. But Dr. Stone cannot be a part of the rejoicing for he must leave to join his new brethren.


Santa Fe Opera

Judith Blegen



Santa Fe Opera

John Reardon


Dr. Stone

Santa Fe Opera

Catherine Wilson


Madame Euterpova

Alan Opie headshot

Alan Opie



Santa Fe Opera

Douglas Perry



Santa Fe Opera

Jean Kraft


Miss Newkirk

Santa Fe Opera

Gimi Beni


Dr. Turtlespit

Santa Fe Opera

Stephen Rowland


Mr. Lavender-Gas

Santa Fe Opera

Hugh Johnson

Chorus Master


Santa Fe Opera

Elisa Ronstadt


reviving Mr. Menotti's production

Willa Kim headshot

Willa Kim

Costume Designer

Scenic Designer

Santa Fe Opera

Alwin Nikolais

Costume Designer

Santa Fe Opera

Joan Woodbury


Santa Fe Opera

Georg Schreiber

Lighting Designer