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La traviata 2009

La traviata 2009

July 3 - August 29, 2009

What could be better…

…than Verdi’s most beloved opera? How about Natalie Dessay in her first-ever performances as Violetta!

Music By
Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto By
Francesco Maria Piave



As the prelude begins, Alfredo Germont reflects on his relationship with the courtesan Violetta Valery.

Act I

Violetta’s home in Paris. Violetta is hosting a party for her friends to celebrate her apparent recovery from an illness. Gastone introduces Alfredo to Violetta, explaining that Alfredo is a great admirer of hers. Violetta asks the Baron, her current companion, to offer a toast. The Baron refuses, so Alfredo leads the party-goers in song. The guests move into the next room, leaving an obviously unwell Violetta alone with Alfredo. Alfredo declares his love for her, but she tells him she will never allow herself to fall in love again. After the party, Violetta is surprised to find herself strongly attracted to Alfredo but resolves to continue her life of freedom and pleasure.

Act II

In the country outside Paris. Alfredo and Violetta have been living together happily for three months. Alfredo discovers that Violetta has been selling her possessions in order to finance their household and he leaves for Paris to raise money. Germont, Alfredo’s father, arrives unexpectedly and asks Violetta to end her relationship with Alfredo, since it jeopardizes his daughter’s upcoming marriage. Violetta eventually agrees and decides to return to her life as a courtesan. Alfredo returns and she reassures him of her love, even as she is departing for Paris. She leaves a note for Alfredo, informing him that she is returning to the Baron. Germont tries to reassure his distraught son, asking him to return to their home in Provence, but Alfredo vows revenge and leaves in pursuit of Violetta.


Flora Bervoix’s home in Paris. Alfredo arrives at Flora’s lively party. Violetta and Baron Douphol soon appear, having reunited. The Baron challenges Alfredo to a card game and loses a great deal of money. Alfredo tries to get Violetta to leave the party with him, but she refuses. Angered, Alfredo summons the party guests and throws the money he has won at Violetta’s feet. The Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.

Act IV

Violetta’s bedroom. Violetta is mortally ill. Both Germont and Alfredo travel to Paris in order to see her, but Violetta wonders whether she will live until their arrival. Alfredo rushes in and they declare their mutual love. Alfredo begins to describe a new life he has planned for them away from Paris, but it is obvious that Violetta’s death is imminent. Violetta gives her portrait to Alfredo, with the hope that he will find a “gentle maiden” to marry. After a final moment of strength, she dies.


Natalie Dessay headshot

Natalie Dessay


Violetta Valéry

Saimir Pirgu headshot

Saimir Pirgu


Alfredo Germont

Laurent Naouri headshot

Laurent Naouri


Giorgio Germont (July 3 - August 17)

Anthony Michaels-Moore headshot

Anthony Michaels-Moore


Giorgio Germont (August 22 - 29)

Wayne Tigges headshot

Wayne Tigges


Baron Douphol (July 3 - August 17)

Nicholas Pallesen headshot

Nicholas Pallesen


Baron Douphol (August 22 - 29)

Keith Jameson headshot

Keith Jameson



Harold Wilson headshot

Harold Wilson


Doctor Grenvil


Emily Fons


Flora Bervoix

Tom Corbeil headshot

Tom Corbeil


Marquis D'Obigny

Jennifer Jakob headshot

Jennifer Jakob



Jorge Prego headshot

Jorge Prego



Santa Fe Opera

Lucas Harbour


A Messenger

David Govertsen headshot

David Govertsen


Flora's Servant

Frédéric Chaslin headshot

Frédéric Chaslin


Laurent Pelly headshot

Laurent Pelly

Director & Costume Designer

Christian Räth headshot

Christian Räth

Associate Director

Chantal Thomas headshot

Chantal Thomas

Scenic Designer

Duane Schuler headshot

Duane Schuler

Lighting Designer

Jean Jacques Delmotte headshot

Jean-Jacques Delmotte

Susanne Sheston headshot

Susanne Sheston

Chorus Master