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The Magic Flute 1993

July 3 - August 27, 1993

Nature’s balance is restored…

…in Mozart’s fantastical adventure of sacred mystery.  Join Prince Tamino in his search for enlightenment, and meet a wealth of memorable characters, including the lovely Pamina – the fulfillment of Tamino’s quest and his heart’s desire.

Music By
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto BY
Emmanuel Schikander and Carl Ludwig Giesecke


Act I

The scene is set in legendary times, in and around the temple of Isis and Osiris in the realm of the queen of the night. A young prince, Tamino, is pursued by a giant serpent while hunting near the Temple of Isis. As Tamino falls unconscious, three Ladies, attendants of the Queen of the Night, appear and slay the beast. The three Ladies quarrel over who should stay to guard the Prince, until all three leave to tell their mistress about the handsome stranger. Papageno, a bird-catcher, arrives with his cage of birds as Tamino awakens to find the dead serpent. Papageno boasts that it was he who killed the beast. The three Ladies appear and punish the liar by pad­locking his mouth. They present Tamino with a locket containing a portrait of Princess Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night. Tamino, who falls in love at first sight with Pamina, is told that she has been abducted by the evil sorcerer Sarastro. The Queen appears and calls upon Tamino to rescue her daughter from captivity, promising him Pamina’s hand in marriage as a reward. The three Ladies give Tamino a magic flute to protect him and remove Papageno’s padlock, giving him a chime of magic bells as protection and orders to accompany Tamino upon his adventurous mission. Tamino and Papageno are further promised the guidance of three Spirits.

Princess Pamina, attempting to escape Sarastro’s palace, is caught by Monostatos, the slave-master. When Papageno stumbles upon them, his outlandish appearance frightens Monostatos away. Papageno reassures Pamina that Tamino is on his way to rescue her but first they must escape from the palace.

The three Spirits have led Tamino to a sacred grove, where he attempts to enter the Temples of Reason and Nature but is rejected. Upon knocking at the Temple of Wisdom, an old priest, the Speaker, informs him that he has been misled, that Sarastro has good reason to abduct Pamina and that the Queen of the Night is the evil one. When voices announce that Pamina is still alive, Tamino joyfully plays on his flute. He immediately hears a reply from Papageno in the distance and runs off to find him. Papageno and Pamina enter pursued by Monostatos, who is rendered harmless by Papageno’s magic bells. Sarastro enters with his Priests to the sounds of a chorus of praises. Pamina confesses that she tried to escape because of Monostatos’ lust for her. Sarastro informs Pamina that she will soon be freed but warns her against her mother. When Tamino is led in as a captive by Monostatos, Sarastro orders Monostatos beaten rather than praised for his deeds. Meeting for the first time, Tamino and Pamina swear their love for each other but are separated immediately as Tamino and Papageno are led away to be initiated into the mysteries of the Temple and the brotherhood of Sarastro.

Act II

Sarastro announces Tamino’s candidacy for initiation. The Priests ask Tamino and Papageno if they are willing to undergo the trials. Papageno reluctantly agrees, only after being promised a beautiful young lady as reward if he succeeds. The first trial they encounter is to remain silent. After the Priests leave, the Queen’s three Ladies appear and try to turn Tamino and Papageno against Sarastro by warning that the Queen, who is nearby, has commanded them to rescue Pamina. The three Ladies, hearing approaching voices, flee in fear.

Pamina is about to be molested by Monostatos when the Queen appears to give Pamina a knife to kill Sarastro. Monostatos tries to seduce Pamina by blackmailing her with the information he overheard the Queen tell her. Sarastro appears, sends Monostatos away and tells Pamina what real love is all about.

The Priests enter with Tamino and Papageno, who are warned to remain silent. An old woman appears to Papageno with a beaker of water. Papageno speaks to her and she claims to be his sweetheart. Before he finds out her name, the old woman disappears at the sound of a great clap of thunder, and the frightened Papageno once again swears to keep his vow of silence. The three Spirits appear to return the magic flute and bells, which Tamino and Papageno had lost. Pamina enters and finds the silent Tamino, who motions that she must leave. Pamina, unable to understand Tamino’s actions, decides that death might be the only solution to her despair; whereupon, she leaves. Hearing three trumpet calls, Tamino and Papageno leave to follow the sounds.

Sarastro commends Tamino on his conduct but warns that two more trials remain. Pamina is brought forth in order to say farewell to Tamino. Papageno, alone for the first time, sings of his longing for a woman to share his life. The old woman enters and is transformed into Papagena, but Papageno is told by the Speaker that he is not yet worthy of her.

The three Spirits appear and prevent the distressed Pamina from committing suicide. She is brought to Tamino, with whom she successfully undergoes the trials of fire and water with the aid of Tamino’s magic flute.

Papageno is about to hang himself when the three Spirits present Papagena to him. Papageno and Papagena declare their love and plan their future family together.

Monostatos, the Queen and her three Ladies appear and plot to overthrow Sarastro. The scene is filled with bright light, and Sarastro stands with Tamino and Pamina dressed in priestly robes. The Queen and her cohorts vanish. The Priests sing a chorus of praises to Isis and Osiris, the victorious couple.


Kurt Streit headshot

Kurt Streit



Sheryl Woods headshot

Sheryl Woods



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Mikael Melbye



Cyndia Sieden headshot

Cyndia Sieden


Queen of the Night

Ragnar Ulfung headshot

Ragnar Ulfung



Gwynne Howell headshot

Gwynne Howell



Wilbur Pauley

Wilbur Pauley


The Speaker

Kathryn Gamberoni

Kathryn Gamberoni



Joan Gibbons headshot

Joan Gibbons


First Lady

Judith Christin headshot

Judith Christin


Second Lady

Mimi Lerner headshot

Mimi Lerner


Third Lady

Santa Fe Opera

Michael W. Nicholson


First Priest

Jamie Offenbach headshot

Jamie Offenbach


Second Priest

Carl Tanner headshot

Carl Tanner


First Armored Man

Bruce Baumer headshot

Bruce Baumer


Second Armored Man

George Manahan headshot

George Manahan


Reto Nickler headshot

Reto Nickler


Marie Anne Chiment headshot

Marie Anne Chiment

Scenic & Costume Designer

Craig Miller headshot

Craig Miller

Lighting Designer

Gary Wedow headshot

Gary Wedow

Chorus Master