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With stops in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, we bring The Santa Fe Opera to you offering, free performances for children and free public concerts. Last season the The Santa Fe Opera featured Avastar, an original story in word and song which peers into the lives of Sara and Josh, who in the virtual world, as contestants Estrella and Supernova, have entered an on-line singing contest. 


'Commissioned for The Santa Fe Opera’s 50th Anniversary'

This one-act opera is presented on the 75th Commemoration of the development of the atomic bomb. Trinity takes place in southern New Mexico in the present day and during World War II.

The story begins at Trinity Test Site, New Mexico, present day.  A teenage boy, Atom, is pushed into a room where an older woman already sits. He was caught trying to take a piece of Trinitite from the Trinity test site. He does not see the older woman, at first, and is muttering to himself. Unable to avoid listening to him the older woman interrupts his mutterings after hearing him mention the Trinitite.  She pulls from her vast bag, her own rock, a geode.

We are then transported to the past when the older woman, whose name we learn is Tessa, was also a teenager.  It is during WWII and Prisoners of War (POWs) have been transferred to New Mexico. Young Tessa meets Carlo, an Italian POW, and over time, they develop a friendship, as he introduces her to opera and his love of music. Together they discover that music provides solace when all hope appears gone. Returning to the present, the older Tessa now passes this message on to Atom.

Music:  John Kennedy
Libretto:  Andrea Fellows Walters
Stage Director:  Kathleen Clawson

Please check back for our 2018 Spring Tour schedule.


Offered in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and neighboring communities each summer. Each performance features Santa Fe Opera artists performing a wide-ranging repertory of vocal and chamber music. Most Summer Concerts are free, with no reservations necessary. Open seating begins 30 minutes before the concert.

Summer concert information and dates are forthcoming; please check back.


During the holiday season, our artists perform in local churches and auditoriums around the state. The Santa Fe Opera cheer will be headed to a town near you later this year.  Admission is free and all are welcome. Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis. Doors open a half hour before each performance. Just one hour long, the concert is a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy beautiful music during the busy holiday season.

Please check back in Fall 2018 for the concert schedule.

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